What Is Pre Med and The Requirements For Medical School

What is Pre Med? Pre-medical studies are not a specialty, but rather a series of undergraduate science and math courses recommended for students who wish to pursue medical school after obtaining their bachelor’s degree. Students can specialize in almost any field as long as they meet the medical prerequisites; however, they must complete the prerequisite science and math courses with a high grade point average in order to enter the desired program.

Scientific Careers

Many people think that scientific careers related to health sciences are very complicated. However, from a general point of view, what is relevant in these cases is knowing how to study these types of careers. The difficulties, you would encounter when studying anatomy, pharmacology, endocrinology, and cellular biochemistry are mainly related to the lack of tools for memorizing the syllabus. There are some good recommendations on how to study medicine. Usually, the main obstacle has to do with the difficulty of having to memorize a large amount of pure data without having the ideal metacognitive resources or strategies to do so.

The Subjects

In general, these careers usually have two types of subjects, namely:

There are subjects of comprehension and memorization, within which you can find most of the topics included in the career, with theoretical-practical knowledge related to natural sciences, humanities, clinical pictures, treatments, and biology.

Next, there are subjects of reasoning and practical application as statistics, research designs, chemistry, physics, and psychometrics.

For the latter there is no mystery, the best way to prepare is through practical work and the review for the consolidation of theoretical knowledge about the mathematical and statistical norms and rules that govern these subjects.

The Medical Programs

Post-baccalaureate pre-medical programs are also available to those who have completed a college degree but lack some of the basic pre-medical courses to apply to medical school. These programs prepare students by offering the necessary science and math courses while advising them on the medical school application process.


Pre-med is a terminology used by those who want to make others know that they have a desire to attend medical school and are currently taking classes that are required for them to get in. Most pre-med students are also college students. Pre-med is not a college major. It is a way or term for you to let others know you are planning on becoming a doctor. You can be pursuing a biology major and have the desire of becoming a pre-med. When you are in college and pursuing a biology major, and you also let your advisor know that you are also interested in pre-med, you will be given the requirements of fulfilling those goals. It is important to take the necessary classes as a pre-med to apply for medical school.

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