What is the best choice for a beginner: courses or tutoring?

Learning something new is important not only in childhood and adolescence. Adult age is not a hindrance in order to learn a foreign language, learn to play the guitar, and learn to sing. The main thing is to choose the best training option from the very beginning. Usually, before finding it, people try to master knowledge on their own, buy literature that is not useful in the end, attend courses and even give up several times. This is normal! Rarely does anyone manage to find a comfortable teaching method the first time.

Having set a goal for yourself – to learn a language from scratch, there are not so many ways to implement it. Most often, students choose either courses or individual training with a tutor. Each of these options has both pros and cons. Having studied them in advance, you can protect yourself from unpleasant moments and immediately choose the most effective way of learning for you.

Courses: advantages and disadvantages

Courses are a popular type of education that suits both adults and children and adolescents. Their advantage is their affordable price. A monthly subscription is not so expensive, and training takes place in a comfortable collective manner. It is not worth comparing courses with a state educational institution, because every language school or training center is trying to find its own flavor, use innovative teaching methods, and try to diversify each lesson with visual material to the maximum.

Studying in a group on courses has both a number of advantages and some disadvantages that must be systematized in order to make an informed decision:

Advantages of taking courses


Communicative approach.

By studying in a group, you get the opportunity to constantly practice speaking. This is exactly what teachers use in groups when forming assignments that will motivate you to use the acquired theoretical knowledge in conversation in the classroom.


You need to be prepared that there will always be those who make the first successes faster. For some students, this is a great motivation, while others, on the contrary, are locked in themselves and cannot fully show their knowledge.

Additional activities.

During the courses, events and clubs are organized, for example, weekend talk clubs with watching films, debates, some kind of conferences. They also invite native speakers or other teachers so that the learning process does not turn into a routine.

Slower learning pace.

For example, if a student decided to study English from scratch in courses, then you should prepare for a long study. If you want to develop your knowledge to the Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate level, you will have to study for a couple of years. The thing is that the courses teach the program more slowly, step by step. On the one hand, this is good, because information is acquired gradually. But on the other hand, if you need a decent level of language to work or travel abroad, then the courses will automatically disappear.


The courses have many advantages for those who have just started learning a foreign language or some new industry. A beginner has the opportunity to meet like-minded people, to take courses with a friend for moral support and motivation, and also to pay a fixed amount per month.

In a word, there are both positive and negative sides, and only after weighing your personal feelings, the experience of friends, your time that you are ready to spend on training, you can answer the question: “Is it worth going to the courses?”

When choosing courses, it is best to compare many different options, compare conditions and pricing policy. You can ask around from friends and make a list manually, or you can use ready-made services online. For example, the LawMind platform allows courses by area, price range, and even type of study. For instance, LawMind has numerous professional online LNAT Tutors. The catalog currently contains more than 80 options, among which you can choose suitable courses and the catalog is promptly updated. Here you can immediately see the reviews of real customers, check the availability of groups open for recruitment or sign up for a free trial lesson.

Who is tutoring for?

As well as courses – for absolutely everyone! Individual lessons also have a number of advantages and disadvantages. We describe them in the table below.

Advantages of classes with a tutor


Individual approach.

It is important for both the child and the adult that the teacher realistically assesses his capabilities and psychological characteristics. The tutor in each lesson is focused only on you, so such classes turn out to be more effective than collective ones.

More expensive than courses.

Tutoring is more expensive than group lessons. And the point here is not only in the principle of individual lessons, but also in the fact that for quick results you will need a sufficient number of lessons. On courses there are usually 2 of them per week, but when studying with a tutor there can be 4 of them. And for each of them you need to pay a certain amount.

Fast results.

If the courses take several months, or even years, to study from scratch, then with a tutor you can study according to an intensive program. For six months of regular lessons, you can easily master the language level you need for work, admission to university or moving.

Just you and the tutor.

There are many of you on the courses, but here you are alone. This makes it impossible to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the lesson. She is always conservative, business-like and slightly stressful, focused on results.

Convenient schedule.

If on the courses you adjust to a certain time (mostly in the evening), then here you yourself choose a convenient schedule for yourself.

There is no way to compare your level of knowledge with someone else.

In courses, you can always tell for sure whether you are falling behind or doing well. But in private lessons, you will have to rely on the opinion of the tutor.

Training format.

In case of heavy workload, you can choose the option of distance learning via Skype. This is not possible on the courses.

For all ages.

The courses are linked to the age group. An adult will not be very comfortable with teenagers.

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