What Is The Price Of A Photo Booth Rental In the USA?

Whether you are having a birthday party or there is a wedding, or you have an event you are hosting, or just want to have some fun with your loved ones. Elevate your memories with one of the most used photo generation devices in the USA. A photo booth energizes the climate of a party and is a perfect tool for special occasions to create memories. As a general rule, the rental price of a photo booth is between $400 and $700. At birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, or even prom parties, if there is always one piece of equipment that is almost guaranteed to be found, it is well the photo booth. There are also three types of photo booths at parties and special occasions: a closed photo booth in the booth, a camera with a backdrop, or a camera without a backdrop.

The photo booth rental price can vary considerably depending on the type of photo booth and the props that can be added. Photo booths are difficult to transport, which is why it is better to use a rental company that also offers the delivery of the machine.

What Type Of Photo Booth?

Closed booth-type photo booths are the most expensive to rent, while open photo booths are a more economical solution. Very easy to install, they can consist of just a camera on a tripod with a white background, or a slightly more sophisticated background with curtains or a green background to be able to carry out all possible edits in post-production.

Which Package To Choose From?

Most companies that rent photo booths don’t rent their devices by the hour but on a flat-rate basis. The basic package starts at 2 or 3 hours, the prices increasing with the number of hours and the accessories added. You will find a few rental companies that offer all-inclusive packages. For $450-$700, you can rent a photo booth delivered with a printer, photo boards, and the possibility of receiving all the photos by email or on CD, for example.

The Little Bonuses Of Photo Booths

Besides being super fun, photo booths often come with a whole bunch of accessories, which are also super fun. Among the most popular accessories include the photo album, the executives and scenery pictures custom, or the ability to share live snapshots on social networks. Some machines are delivered with a frame related to the theme of your event.

An Update On Prices

The day of the week you want to rent a photo booth will affect the price: rental rates are higher during the weekend due to higher demand. You will have a more advantageous rate if you rent a photo booth during the week.

If you don’t have a lot of guests at your event, there is no need to rent a photo booth for more than 3 hours, unless you know your guests love selfies and maybe spending the evening photographing themselves!

For certain types of events or certain customers (schools or associations for example), a discount on the final grade is negotiable.

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