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What Johanna Lamm Credits Her Life Coaching in Minneapolis Successes To

Johanna Lamm is a life coach who takes a holistic approach to help clients overcome challenges. She believes that healing is multi-faceted: the body, mind, and spirit must work together to move forward. She combines several techniques, including problem-solving, wellness practices, yoga, meditation, and more, depending on the situation. 

Many of her clients are women who want to regain balance in their lives. Lamm also teaches them how to take up space and use their voice. She urges clients to identify issues that are holding them back, gives them a framework to find solutions, and provides support while reaching their goals. 

A native of Minnesota, Jo Lamm was born in Duluth and currently resides in Minneapolis. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hamline University and a Ph.D. from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology. Her years of experience and clinical knowledge provide a solid foundation for her work as a life coach. 

Aside from her career, she is also passionate about social justice and human rights. Whenever time permits, she volunteers with charitable organizations such as Her Purpose and Humanize My Hoodie. Lamm is fond of reading books, attending concerts, and watching plays. 

Starting Out as a Life Coach

Johanna Lamm worked as a clinical psychologist who specialized in trauma. After many years in the field, she began working as a life coach. With her interest in the connections between body, mind, and spirit, she took steps to advance her training to master these. 

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She holds certificates in life coaching, wellness coaching, yoga practice, and spiritual coaching. Her studies enabled her to craft a more holistic approach than traditional life coaches offer. They gave her the confidence to start her own coaching business that focuses on women. 

The career shift stemmed from her wish to concentrate on individual growth and strengths. The problem with psychology is that it emphasizes labels and pathology, with insurance companies forcing practitioners to stick to this system. Life coaching celebrates the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives. 

It also allows for different techniques that are not typical in clinical settings. Jo Lamm still uses traditional life coaching strategies, but she is free to set her timelines. There is less paperwork and limitations.  

Secrets to Success

It can be nerve-wracking for anyone to shift careers after devoting their lives to specific fields. Johanna Lamm is no exception. She was nervous in the beginning as she was diving into the unknown. Fortunately, her efforts were rewarded early with positive feedback from her clients. 

They felt her genuine desire to help women realize their full potential, resulting in several referrals. Other professionals who are familiar with her background also refer coaching clients. It did not take long for her to have a full schedule. Now she enjoys a successful coaching business by following her dreams.  

Johanna Lamm used marketing strategies to generate new business. Her membership in the International Coaching Federation is recommended to anyone looking for a credentialed life coach. They have a directory of qualified professionals in different areas. 

Aside from this, she also advertises on websites known to connect potential clients to various life coaches. In other words, she makes sure to put herself out there for others to see. Her online strategy works well since she mainly works from home and meets with clients through video conferences. 

Johanna Lamm’s first client as a life coach was a friend of one of her former clients as a psychologist. Hence, there was already a great deal of trust regarding her professional capabilities. 

That first client was so satisfied that she referred another person, and it got the ball rolling nonstop ever since. She loves being part of their healing journey and uses everything she knows to help them. 

Indeed, Johanna Lamm has invested considerable time and money in her education. Part of her success can be attributed to her knowledge and skills developed from years of study. However, she credits her struggles as the most significant reason she is good at what she does. 

She knows what it is like to grow up in an alcoholic home. She dealt with anorexia growing up and continued to fight it into adulthood. Her suffering allows her to understand behaviors that might puzzle people who don’t have as much awareness. In her opinion, there is no mental illness, just trauma, and self-destructive behaviors are coping mechanisms for unmanageable pain. 

Finally, Johanna Lamm credits a few books for helping her in her business. She views books as valuable investments. Some of her recent purchases include books by Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun, as well as the works of other spiritual leaders and philosophers. 

They provide her with new perspectives and inspiration, which influences her work. She also reads books written by other authors to see things from different points of view. Lamm was always eager to learn and purchased training courses on yoga and pilates to teach these more effectively. 

Johanna Lamm’s insatiable thirst for knowledge makes her one of the most well-informed life coaches. However, her ability to blend them for a holistic approach makes her truly stand out. She understands how everything is connected, so she does not just focus on physical, mental, or spiritual challenges. 

She can tackle them all at once to help her clients finally move forward with their lives. With her support, many women were able to find their voice and gain confidence to reach for their dreams. By showing that it’s possible, she inspires everyone to confront their issues and pursue their passions.

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