What Makes Bottarga Special?

Bottarga is an old delicacy of salted cured fish roe, usually fashioned from a grey mullet or bluefin tuna. The bottarga is the only food in which it is thought that no portion of the fish is wasted, but rather that it is hand-processed and dried, giving it the long-lasting quality it has always had.

This luxurious fish is known and has been used by many around the world for hundreds of years. The Japanese call it Karasumi, and it is usually served along with beer; the Koreans call it Oeran. It is referred to as avgotaraho by the Greeks, whereas the French refer to it as poutarge. In Croatia, it’s known as butarga or butarge, which is more similar to the word bottarga, which sounds relatively familiar to Americans, or perhaps you recognize it by its Arabic name, butarkah.

Although it has been widely debated, it is generally believed that preserving the roe sac of the mullet or bluefin fish started with the Phoenicians, who now occupy present-day Lebanon, and spread to Egypt and other parts of the world.

Seafood Sauce

The seafood sauce, also known as a cocktail sauce, is a cold, room temperature sauce typically made with shrimp or oysters and served as part of a meal. The seafood sauce has been around since the twentieth century and has been refined in various countries. In America, the most popular seafood sauce is a combination of horseradish and mayonnaise. Although this sauce is eaten in different parts of the world, it is frequently fine-tuned, such as in the United Kingdom, where it is made milder and less spicy to suit their tastebuds.

There are different types of seafood sauce. The seafood boil sauce, also known as the seafood dipping sauce, is known as one of the best as it gives taste to the tender shrimp and crab


The bottarga food comes in varieties, although some are pricier than the other due to its availability. Despite its popularity across the globe, there are slight differences observed in the drying processes of the bottarga. The avgotaraho, as it is known to the Greeks, is coated in beeswax, which acts as a form of preservatives; the butarkah in Italy is not as dried as the karasumi in Taiwan and Japan. You can even get bottarga in a grated form that can be used as toppings on your gourmet pasta without having to go through the stress of defrosting and peeling.

Bottarga food is a good seafood sauce topping. The seafood sauce comes in various exciting flavors and can be easily tweaked to suit your tastes. You can share your exciting Bottarga and seafood sauce combo recipe and food with family, friends, and well-wishers

With bottarga, less is more.

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