What now awaits Jose Mourinho?

For two decades, Jose has been considered one of the foremost experts in the world of football. He began coaching not as a former footballer, but as an “outsider”, Sir Bobby Robson’s devoted translator and assistant, who eventually began his own coaching career. He was a real fighter who did not admit defeat.

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It is interesting to observe the state of the current Jose. It seems that his strength has completely left him, after all, Spurs are the first team with which he won nothing. Where to now?

Another English club

“I love everything about English football – this is the main reason I came back and enjoy the games,” he said after his return to Chelsea.

But the obvious question remains – where next? Who else can afford such a coach? He has already worked with three clubs from the “big six”, and the other three seem to be unable to take on the mentor of their principal rival. Maybe Wolverhampton would have taken a risk, especially since almost all Portuguese speakers are already there, and the connection with Jorge Mendes must not be forgotten. But it is unlikely – Nunu Espirito Santo just renewed his agreement with the team.

Come back to Spain

Prior to joining Real, Jose worked as an assistant at Barcelona, ​​but when the Catalans were left without a mentor, President Joan Laporta did not trust the Portuguese. But now he runs the club again. Is he satisfied with Koeman’s work? Or is it now Mourinho’s time?

Unlikely, but possible. It is still, in a sense, a home club for Jose, who started his acquaintance with football here.

Something completely new

Until recently, one could fantasize about how Mourinho will lead Bayern, which, however, never seemed like a club to him. One cannot completely reject the option that the ever-ambitious Hertha will try to lure the eminent coach. Or maybe someone in the French league will try to declare that they are ready to fight PSG? And what about Celtic? And what about MLS? Who knows, maybe some Arab team will call. Anything is possible in football.

National teams

“Yes, I would like to lead the national team,” Mourinho once admitted. “I want to try what it is like to play at the World Cup or the Euro.” Sounds cool, don’t you agree?

Seems like this is the logical next step. In club football, Jose has already done everything possible, and the national team is exactly the option that suits him. And the money is good and not so stressful. During the break, you can amuse people from the TV screens – he has already proven that he is perfect for the role of a TV presenter.

Most likely, Portugal will call him in case Santos leaves the team after Euro. Although you can recall that Mourinho already complained about how difficult it is to work with his home country. Maybe it’s time to go back to England again?

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