What Should You Consider Before Buying Best VPN?

When you think about switching to a VPN, you will share your many personal details like browsing history, data, and even your security. So, choosing a trustworthy provider to ensure your privacy and security is a very crucial step. There are many things you must keep in mind while selecting a Free VPN provider for you.

So, let’s have a look at considerations that can make a difference to assist you.

Things you must Consider While Choosing a VPN

The foremost reasons due to which you choose to use a VPN are:

  • It Offers Security (Bypassing your data through an encrypted virtual tunnel and protection from external attacks)
  • It Provides Privacy (By hiding your location, IP address, and search history)

So the two main things that you should consider first are:

#1. Security

#2. Privacy

Look for the terms and regulations of the VPN-providing company. Check either the company provides;

  • Imperative and lightning-fast connectivity
  • Guaranteed security
  • Anonymity policies and no-logs with safety mechanisms such as kill switches and IP hiding

The other most reliable way to know about the level of security and privacy a company provides is to look for the reviews of users that have previously used the VPN of that company. It’ll help you to judge the reputation of the company in the market. Always go for a highly reputable company.


Speed is the fundamental factor that distinguishes extraordinary VPNs from mediocre ones. Of course, no one prefers a slow connection. Always try to search for a VPN that offers multiple options with reasonable speed. A good VPN provider always focus on the speed of the VPN to avoid any complications

#4. Home Country of VPN Provider

VPN providers must obey the rule and regulations of their home country. According to these laws, they have to collect, provide and store all data to the higher authorities. Here you may face the issue of compromising on your security. The inadequacy of laws regulating the handling and collection of user data can also be unsafe and risky. Therefore, it is crucial to know from where you are availing of the facility of VPN.

#5. Free VPN or Paid?

No doubt, the free VPNs make life easier, but these provide only limited services and can sometimes cause a threat to your security. On the other hand, paid ones offer comprehensive protection. But if you choose a free VPN wisely, then it would be a great idea. Some excellent companies like DewVPN (100% secured, 100% free) never compromise your privacy and security.

There are also so many conditions that you should never ignore, including:

#6. Customer Service Guarantee (24/7 services)

#7. P2P Functionality

#8. Powerful Encryption Protocols

#9. Static IP

#10. Payment Methods (To avoid hacking through a third party)

#11. Kill Switch Capability

#12. Number of Connected Devices

#13. Money-back Guarantee

#14. Support for Additional Devices

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You should never overlook the things mentioned if you want to keep yourself safe. There are numerous VPN companies that you can believe, but the one that will make a difference in your journey of enjoying a good free VPN service is DewVPN. This provider has hundreds of servers spread across 50 countries.

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