What To Expect From MyTeam In NBA 2K22 Season 6

NBA 2K22 Season 6 MyTeam content includes Playoff Moment Agendas, new Gold rewards, daily Agenda rewards, and the first Invincible item.

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What’s New in NBA 2K22 Season 6 MyTeam

Playoff Moment Agendas are available in MyTeam. These activities follow what’s happening in the real NBA. Season 6 Zero Gravity comes with the opportunity to complete the last Moments of the Month Agenda. The reward is a Dark Matter card representing Ja Morant. After April 12th, MyTeam will have updated Moments. Lifetime Agenda Groups are designed based on the Playoffs. There will be Groups for each round. The activities will adapt as post-season matches are taking place. After the Play-In tournament and the following rounds end, the Agenda Group will have Moments cards for the teams that are advancing to the Playoffs. Season 6 MyTeam card drop begins with 25 new reward items. The first one is a Gold item depicting Giannis Antetokounmpo. The card has 74 OVR. Players will use this card in the next MyTeam challenges. Throughout Season 6, each day of the week brings a new card. It is acquired as a reward for completing an Agenda that requires the card from the previous day. With each passing day, the OVR of these cards increases. These items feature some of the newest NBA players such as Smush Parker that makes his debut in NBA 2K22. Others represent veteran players such as Devin Booker and Lonzo Ball. The last card of this event is a 99 OVR Dark Matter card. Season 6 Zero Gravity marks the debut of the first Invincible item. It’s a Dark Matter card that features Dirk Nowitzki. He is a player with a legendary career. His achievements include the NBA Championship, 14 times All-Star team, and MVP. Nowitzki is one of the best international players in the NBA. Some of his moves have become widely recognized. The Collector Level Lifetime Agenda Group is one challenging achievement that requires players to acquire 4,000 items. The reward is a pack that contains 80 cards that grant all of the badges in the Hall of Fame. Take Off is a new item collection that debuts in Season 6.

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