What to look for when shopping for a pipe threading machine.

Threading is the process of making grooves on the end of a pipe so that one pipe can be attached to another pipe at corners or where there is a tap to be fixed between the pipes. Threading is done using a threading machine that creates the threads inside or outside the end of the pipe.

This article will highlight what to look for while investing in a good threading machine.

Whether you are doing DIY projects at home or working on a construction site, sometimes, you have to fix a plumbing problem with a threaded pipe rather than making several trips to the hardware to buy different pipes that are already threaded. It is convenient to have a threading machine that you can use for your custom-made pipes.

Plumbing is one of the construction jobs that we can’t do without. That is why as a professional plumber, it would be advisable to invest in a pipe threader machine so that you can thread your pipes on the inside or outside of your pipes. The kind of jobs you intend to use the pipe threader machine will guide you on the type of threader to purchase.

Types of threading machines for pipes

All Threading machines are made for the same purpose of creating threads on a pipe. However, different types of machines are determined by their purpose and budget.

Freestanding powered threading machines are best if will need the machine for large volumes of jobs and different materials. These are suitable for pipe production and professional jobs.

A Handheld manual threading machine is best for small jobs in the house, suitable for home repairs, freelance plumbing jobs, and DIY (Do it yourself) projects.

Benefits and features of a threading machine

Tough Material: a good threading machine can be used for tough materials like stainless steel, black steel, and galvanized pipes.

The footswitch is a convenient accessory to the Pipe threading machine because it protects your hands and provides quick action and safety as you use the machine.

Price: The threading machine is priced by size and features or accessories. It Ranges from Kes 72,000 to Kes 95,000

Self-Priming device: As you thread the pipe, it is essential to flood the pipe with oil to reduce friction and maintain the threading machine. A threading machine with an inbuilt priming pump makes it easy to use.

Open work-space features like integrated oil reservoirs and the removable chip-collecting tray add advantage to your threading machine.

Various sizes of dies; A die is the part of the machine that creates the treads inside and outside the pipe. The diameter of the pipe determines the size of the die.

Ease of Use of the Threader is easy if you follow the instructions. Ensure you adhere to safety instructions and wear safety clothing like gloves and safety glasses because there is a lot of residue from the pipe shavings and oil.

Threading pipes is an easy skill to learn from the instructions on the tool; as long as you keep the machine well lubricated, it will last long.


As you invest in a threading machine, ensure it is suitable for on-site work if you buy it for simple jobs or large construction plumbing work. It will give you a high return on investment with convenience and cost-effectiveness over time.

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