What you Need to Know about Market Intelligence

Keeping track of the market trends and other things that happen in your business’s market is crucial. It allows you to know more about the customer needs, problems, and other factors that affect how the market operates. The process is called market intelligence. Read on to find out about it in this post.

What Is It?

It refers to the information derived by a business from the market it purports to operate in or that it has been operating. The data is useful for market segmentation, market penetration, and existing market metrics.

It has been useful since the initial days when various forms of traditional intelligence were practiced. However, the advancement of technology has made it possible for the current organizations and businesses to conduct it using modern tools for data analysis.

It’s an essential aspect of any business’s operations, considering that it allows the business to understand how their competitors do their things. That enables them to strengthen how they do their things hence attracting high profitability.

What’s the Difference between Market Intelligence and Business Intelligence?

Many are fond of confusing the two concepts: Market intelligence and business intelligence. However, they are simple concepts because their focus is also different.

Market intelligence utilizes external data and processes it to determine the status of the business in the market. The best aspect about it is that it provides a view of the whole market.

Business intelligence, on the other hand, operates differently. Its focus is mainly on the businesses’ internal processes and utilizes the business’s data internally. Combining both gives the business an accurate view of what happens both externally and internally in the industry.

Categories of Market Intelligence

It exists in three broad categories. Below is an overview that will enable you to understand better. Go through them keenly to understand the impact of each in the business both internally and externally.

Product Intelligence

Most companies sell similar products to those produced by their competitors. The competitors mostly differentiate their products either through branding or sizes. But during the process, data is gathered concerning the product.

The data mostly consists of the initial prices, the quality, and other relevant aspects. For instance, when company X wants to know how other companies sell product Y that they also sell, they will monitor its price and quality to develop relevant findings on

Competitor Intelligence

As a company that aims to excel in the market, you will want to know what your competitors do and other aspects of their operations. To succeed in the quest, you will have to collect data relating to its functions using relevant sources. The Government database is one of the best options to provide you with the relevant information you are looking for.

Market Understanding

Market understanding sounds broad, but it entails understanding various aspects of the market that relates to your company. Some of them include knowing the market trends, market share, and market size.

Market understanding will enable the business to know the best strategies to employ in succeeding in the field of operation. It also allows the company to increase its revenue and market share.

Businesses that do market research frequently have higher chances of prospering in what they do. It also gives the businesses a competitive advantage making them outshine their competitors in the market.

It also allows it to use the best strategies. If you think of carrying out market intelligence, don’t forget to seek NetBase Quid’s services. They have vast experience in marketing research and other aspects that help the business to prosper in what it does

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