Which is the best amongst all the Slot Genres 

There are all sorts of reasons why the 21st century slots online world has become easily the most popular and well played part of the overall gambling industry, however some are definitely more important than others – click and play Rainbow Riches.

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider is the fact that online slots can be played from pretty much anywhere if you have a decent Internet connection, which makes them so much easier to play than land-based casino games.

But here’s the thing: there are plenty of other online casino games around nowadays, so why is it that online slots are still the rulers of the roost? Well, a great aspect to slots online is the fact that they come in various different slot genres, consequently resulting in an impressive amount of choice for gamblers. With all these slot genres it is virtually impossible to get bored! But what are the best amongst all the slot genres? Read on to find out…. 

What is a slot genre? 

First things first, we hate to confuse people here, so let’s just clarify what a slot genre actually means. For most people a slot genre will refer to the theme or aesthetic focus of an online slot title, and these days there are more slot genres than you could ever possibly imagine! In fact, this is what makes the online slots world so striking, especially in comparison to the slots of Charles D. Fey’s day. 

There are various reasons why slot genres became so popular and why they exist, but the main one is simply to inject some well needed variety into the casino world. Most other casino games only have a few different “genres”, so it is an important part of the online slot industry’s crazy success over the last two decades. 

Some of the absolute best slot genres 

Now you know exactly what a slot genre is, it’s time to have a look at what we think are some of the absolute top-tier slot genres. It is well worth knowing this, because if not you could be stuck playing rubbish slot genres for the rest of your life! Here are some of the best slot genres: 

  •         Fruit slot machine genre: This is probably the most iconic slot genre there is, and also one of the oldest. Back in the early 20th century slot machines had to pay out fruit sweet prizes because of the illegality of gambling, hence the term “fruit machine”. Pretty cool, huh?
  •         Historical slot machine theme: Some of the most exciting modern online slots take on a historical slot machine theme, whether that be inspired by the Ancient Egyptian civilization, or more recent things like the swinging 60s. Not only are these slot genres exciting, but they can also be rather educational too!
  •         Nostalgic childhood slot theme: Slots inspired by the innocence and wonder of childhood have been popular for quite some time, you only have to consider the immensely popular Fluffy Favorites to see exactly what we mean here.

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