Why Boiling Of Tap Water For Drinking Is Beneficial?

Tap water is not the purest form of water as it travels a long distance before it reaches our houses. It travels through long pipes that may contain germs, microbes and, dirt particles. These contaminants are added to water till it reaches our tap. The tap water includes dirt, microbes, viruses, bacteria, and other kinds of fungus that may cause diarrhea and cholera.

Boiling Of Water

Boiling of water is highly beneficial as it makes the tap water suitable for drinking. It removes contaminants and kills microbes and bacteria. It is the cheapest and the most effective source of purification. Impurities like insecticides and pesticides are usually not present in tap water so the boiling is enough for purifying it.

Benefits of Boiling Water

Boiling of water has the following list of benefits on .

1. Decontaminates And Disinfects

Boiling kills Bacteria, Pathogens, Cysts, and Worms. Without boiling, the clearest water has germs and infections in it. Microbes and bacteria are small enough that they cannot be seen through naked eyes. But if they enter the human body they cause several diseases and infections. Some of them are cholera, diarrhea, polio, typhoid and, hepatitis A, etc. Filtration might be effective in some cases but most of the time the filtered water is not safe for drinking because microbes and viruses are small enough to cross the pores of the filtration tool. But boiling at 100 degrees will effectively kill viruses, bacteria and, microbes because water-borne infections cannot survive and eventually die.

2. Promotes Digestion

Drinking plenty of water improves digestion and health but drinking hot water promotes digestion. It detoxifies the body and helps in releasing constipation. Hot water not only relieves congestion but also helps the body to lose fats. It helps you to stay active and fresh all day long. In case of nasal congestion, hot water eliminates the coagulated mucous in your throat and facilitates breathing.

3. Eliminates Chlorine In Water

The process of chlorination is often done for killing microbes and bacteria. Chlorine in water doesn’t only effects the taste of water but also its color, smell and, effectiveness. It may also kill good bacteria that are beneficial for the body. If chlorinated water is taken by pregnant women, it may impose profound negative impacts on the child’s health. The boiling of water removes chlorine from it. When the water is boiled, the chlorine gets evaporated. Boiling improves the taste of water to an extent as it kills microbes and eliminates harmful elements from it.

4. Eco-friendly And Fuel-Efficient

Boiling of water is an energy-efficient technique. It consumes less fuel and is more effective. As compared to other methods, no element is added to water. Neither it requires special tools nor does it require heavy machinery for purification. You just need a container and a strove for boiling of water. It doesn’t waste energy. This method has an efficiency of about 85%. Moreover, it improves the smell and taste of water by eliminating impurities.

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