Why do Slots Online have Sound Effects? 

Since some of the first ever video games, sound has appeared. Sound effects are great in slot titles like Starburst and Fluffy Favourites for a number of different reasons, and have a rich history. So let’s take a look at those things in a bit more detail.

A Brief History of Sound Effects in Gaming 

The first ever video game to have sound effects was 1972’s Pong, an iconic video game in the same league as the likes of Space Invaders. Pong is the classic bat and ball game, and due to primitive technology the only sound effect that could be used was a ‘beep’ tone sound every time the ‘bat’ touched the ‘ball’, except really these were just three white pixels versus one white pixel on a black background. 

Another iconic sound can be heard in slot games, especially the classic brick-and-mortar slot machines. The first ever coin machine, the Liberty Bell, invented by Charles Fey, had a classic whirring sound to it and a ‘ding’ when a win was awarded. This has been replicated in online slots in recent years. 

What do Sound Effects Achieve? 

Even with the primitive sound effects of Pong, an extra dimension was added to the gaming experience. Having your interactions in the game being confirmed by sounds helps make the whole gaming experience feel more real. 

The replication of the classic slot machines sounds of old brick-and-mortar casinos adds a sense of classic nostalgia to the online slots, which is another reason that sound effects in slots online are effective. Even though it’s never going to be quite the same experience playing slots online than it is in a casino on a classic machine, the sounds of these machines being brought to your mobile phone or desktop computer definitely help authenticate the experience. 

The Best Slots Online Sound Effects 

Here are a few online slot games that we have played over the years, that we feel have some really interesting sound effects in them for you to try out: 

  • Guns N’ Roses
  • The Phantom’s Curse
  • Centurion Megaways 


The Future of Sound Effects? 

With technology increasing day by day, who knows where sound will be in years to come? Some of the latest video games, and even online slots, have top tier sound design which is always an exciting experience, but where will we go next? 

Some developers and audio engineers are working with spatial sound, where you’ll have a better understanding of where the sound’s physical location is supposed to be. This has routes in virtual reality technology, but who’s to say it can’t come to slots? 

All we know is, there are going to be some exciting developments in sound design in the next few years and some of that will definitely find its way into online casino as well. So, stay tuned, and maybe we’ll write this article again in a few years’ time and see where we are at then.

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