Panic attacks are entailed by overwhelming physical manifestations that are not a real threat to the person’s life. Panic attacks may even feel like heart attacks, making them a severe concern for the sufferers. The best heart hospital in Bangalore has had many cases of patients suffering from panic attacks and confusing it for a heart attack.

A panic attack stems from a stressful event or situation in life that has been repressed for too long or becomes intense for a person to handle. Despite their non-threatening nature, panic attacks can stimulate uncomfortable feelings among people and make them feel terrible. The best heart Hospital in Bangalore helps people differentiate between a heart attack and a panic attack.


A panic attack is the result of stress and repressed feelings. These can occur out of nowhere. Whether you are driving a car, hanging out with your friends, or even sleeping, a panic attack may occur and induce abject unease among sufferers. The symptoms begin to manifest within a few minutes, such as fatigue or a heart attack. The most rudimentary symptoms are:

Rapid sweating, heartbeat beating fast, hot and cold flashes, intense chest pain, nausea, splitting headaches, abdominal cramps, fierce trembling, a powerful sense of June or danger, tightness around the chest, and lack of breath.

It is also widespread for sufferers to experience dizziness, numbness, or feeling detached from reality. A panic attack is so traumatic that the sufferer is scared to face another one.


The physical manifestations that occur during a panic attack are significant. The patients might be afraid for their lives and must turn to a doctor as soon as possible. It is hard for one’s family or friends to combat the situation and be sorted out by a professional.

The healthcare operator might give peculiar medication to help the patient calm down and later suggest therapy. Doctors use anti-anxiety medication to assuage these symptoms and help their patients. A panic attack can be distinguished from other physical manifestations by assessing one’s mental and medical history. The doctor thoroughly studies it to determine the next course of action.

Most doctors prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy for their patients. During these sessions, the client speaks to a proficient psychologist who disseminates different aspects of a sufferer’s life to understand the root cause of the problem.

The psychologist maintains an unbiased stance throughout these sessions and displays empathy. When a person feels heard and not judged, they tend to open up better. Once psychologists recognize the trouble spots, they encourage people to alter their thought processes to decrease panic attacks.


A panic attack is triggered by one’s gene composition, repressed stress, temperament, or the way one body copes with everyday life. The sudden nature of a panic attack stimulates a fight or flight response in the body which might seem exceedingly dangerous at the moment. The patient might be out of control and may even lash out at their family and friends.

If you feel like a friend of yours is in grave concern and stress, please encourage them to talk to you or a therapist. People who suppress their feelings for a long time might suffer, which can intimidate them and their loved ones.


Panic attacks happen due to stress and not for no reason.

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