Why every business should have a safe in their office

Though safes are often considered a significant investment, they are an excellent solution for securing possessions both at home and the office.

Most people think that putting important documents or cash in a drawer, and locking the office door on their way out, is perfectly safe. However, this is not the case.

Burglars can (and often do) force their way into the building and help themselves to private and confidential information belonging to your business, employees and customers.

That’s why it pays to ramp up security in the workplace – and investing in an office safe is a sure-fire way to do so.

5 good reasons to invest in an office safe

1.    It enhances safety

It may seem obvious but important documents, such as contracts, invoices and insurance policies, need to be kept in a safe place to ensure you don’t lose them or spill anything on them.

While many businesses file paperwork in a cabinet, you can’t be too sure that someone won’t take them out and not put them back.

Inside a safe, you can relax knowing that your records are kept out of harm’s way, and there’s less chance unauthorised personnel can get their hands on them.

2.    It helps you to be more organised

Instead of searching high and low for documents and office possessions, it’s worth placing them inside a safe.

Not only will it allow you to keep them all in one place – out of hindsight – but it will also save you time and help you to maintain a professional working environment for your team.

When things are locked away in a safe, you can go straight to the item you need, take it out of the safe, and slot it back in when you’ve finished with it.

3.    You control who has access to the safe

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of investing in a safe for your office is that you can restrict unauthorised access.

If you opt for a key-locking safe, you’ll need the key to be able to open the door and reach into the safe. An electronic-locking safe, on the other hand, will have a unique combination.

Though an electronic lock is better suited to businesses where multiple users require access to the safe, you can pick and choose who knows the code – helping you to monitor security in the workplace.

4.    It allows you to protect your most valuable items

Having a safe in your office is a brilliant way to protect private and confidential data, expensive equipment and cash from burglary.

Even if an intruder manages to get into your property, for the most part, they won’t be able to get into your safe.

If you have a wall or underfloor safe, they may struggle to locate your safe as it’s in a concealed spot.

5.    You can store money inside

If your business regularly deals with cash or cheques, you may have no option but to leave these in the office overnight until you have time to deposit them at the bank.

Whilst you could lock cash notes, coins and cheques in a money box and remove the key, the best way to protect your takings is to place the locked money box inside a safe.

This way, the money will be out of sight and safe until you need to access it.

Ready to invest in an office safe?

If you haven’t already got a safe in your office, and you’d like to invest in one, be sure to visit

As security specialists, they provide a comprehensive range of security safes – including budget models from as little as £14.28 through and high-security versions that cost several hundred pounds.

You’ll find popular brands, including (but not limited to) Burg Wachter, Chubbsafes, Dudley, Phoenix Safes, Securikey and Yale. And eSafes guarantee some of the most competitive prices around, allowing you to purchase a secure safe for your office without spending a fortune.

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