Why Is JEE Mains Prestigious?

In advanced Nations, all of us live in a largely man-made world. Everything that you use in day-to-day today life like your smartphone, laptop, car, TV are all products of engineering enterprises. We are surrounded by engineering in practically every moment of our lives. Engineers plan the future by applying the skills to almost everything you can think of from medicine to technologies. The history of engineering such as the pulley lever and wheel is consistent with the modern definition of engineering. The word ‘engineer’ is derived from the word ‘ingeniator’ or ‘ingenaire’ which comes from the Latin word which means innate quality, particularly of mental power. And that’s when the word engineer emerged.

There are a lot of people around you who are engineers, or are pursuing engineering or are thinking of pursuing engineering or maybe it is somebody in your family who is an engineer or maybe you yourself are an engineer. But when an engineer themselves is asked the question of what engineering is, many of them fail or get stuck while answering the question during an interview or job. But in real life explaining, engineering is not that hard. Somebody who studies engineering by heart can find and give the definition to engineering by themselves which makes it very easy. Now the book definition for engineering is a branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building and use of engines, machines and structures. A lot of students appear in these exams solely due to peer pressure and to fit in society. Engineering is the usage of scientific principles to compose and build machines, structures and other such  items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles and buildings but in the simplest words, engineering can be called the application of science and

What is Science?

Science is the study of nature.

Today the field of engineering offers further career choices than any other streams. In the past, there were only four major engineering branches which include chemical, electrical, mechanical and civil. However, since the human race has been swiftly advancing as far as technology is concerned, new branches of engineering are being developed every now and then. Engineering jobs can also be found widely in computer engineering, software engineering, nanotechnology, Mechatronics and many more.

What do engineers do that is very hard to define exactly what an engineer does. Yes, engineers still design machinery, build skyscrapers, develop software and lend a hand in many public works. They also address society’s needs and problems on a number of other skills, technology and science material, engineers are developing focusing on the spin of electrons in atoms. At the molecular level inside cells, chemical and bioengineers are working drug delivery systems inside cells. 

Galactic stream astronomical engineers are designing spacecraft for exploring different parts of the universe. In other words, engineering is said to be a discipline that opens up various opportunities and produces technology and products that help make our lives easier.

The workplace of an engineer depends upon the type of engineer, their actual job description and the company they work for. Some work at field visits and others may spend time outdoors at construction sites and some engineers travel extensively to plan worksites here and abroad. Most aspiring engineers would at least need a bachelor’s degree or more probably a master’s degree from an engineering college. Besides a proper background, and relevant technical experience, an engineer would be required to demonstrate many soft skills, knowledge of the core subject, application of knowledge, analytical and creative thinking and familiarity with industry standards to get and keep a good job. In today’s world, Engineering is the most dominated and dominating sector over all the other sectors. Engineering jobs also pay well and are more stable in comparison to the other jobs.

If a student opts to choose physics, chemistry or mathematics as their stream for their 11th and 12th examinations, they are on the path of becoming an engineer. Everyone who wants to be an engineer dreams about getting admission into a prestigious IIT college.

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NTA (National Testing Agency). Through the medium of JEE, one becomes eligible to seek admissions in engineering colleges for engineering courses. One can opt for courses like B.E (Bachelor of Education), B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) and B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture)

Essential qualifications required for this are:

  1. 10+2 with PCM meaning Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  2. Age of the candidate should be 17-24 years only.
  3. JEE Main examination is of a total of 300 marks.
  4. In which, Maths-100 marks, Physics-100 marks, Chemistry-100 marks
  5. Each subject has 25 questions of which 20 are MCQ and the remaining 5 are numerically based.
  6. Total questions asked are 75 and every question carries 4 marks.
  7. This exam is now held by the National Test Agency and was previously held by CBSE.
  8. The mode of the exam is online.
  9. The duration of the exam is 3 hours.
  10. The languages one can attain the exams in are English, Hindi and Gujarati.
  11. This exam is held two times a year.
  12. The students can make themselves available for a maximum of three consecutive attempts for JEE mains and two consecutive attempts for JEE advanced. The first attempt is given soon after the 12th std.
  13. It becomes very essential to have a thorough understanding of the previous year papers in order to score reasonable marks in the examination.
  14. One should research which questions have been repeated the most times in the previous examinations and study especially those questions so as to be well prepared. JEE Main Question Paper with Solutions, in addition to other question papers, can be easily found online and would give you ample material to practice.

Some of the major questions asked in these exams in the past recent years are based on physics, Chemistry and mathematics concepts like a circle, area, trigonometry, geometry and matrices.

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