Why You Need an Accident Attorney in Idaho

Idaho is famous for its natural beauty, including picturesque mountains, and farmland. However, Idaho is also home to many road accidents. For example, Idaho lost 948 people in road accidents, making it one of the highest mortality states in the country. Moreover, Idaho legal framework dictates fault as a key instrument to negotiate compensation. So, what does this really mean? Suppose, you have incurred $100,000 in damage. If the jury finds that you were at 60% fault, you will receive $40,000 in damages. Hence, hiring an Idaho car accident attorney is essential to pay your bills after an accident. 

Police Reporting

All drivers face some legal responsibilities after an accident. The basic ones include reporting the incident to the police, if someone has been injured, or the car damage is substantial. In Idaho, car damage over $1500 is considered substantial, in auto accident cases. Furthermore, if as a motorist, you hit a pedestrian – your responsibility increases multifold. In such cases, the responsibility for reporting the incident to the police, and filing a physical report lies on you. In such cases, the law assumes that the pedestrian will suffer the physical damage, and as a motorist, you are expected to offer legal and medical aid. 

Legal Investigation 

Legal investigation is an important duty of your accident attorney. After an accident, you are likely to be out of sort to be able to conduct an investigation. Hence, this is a good time to speak with an attorney, if you need a thorough investigation. However, if you feel up to it, you should conduct your own investigation. This includes taking pictures of the collided vehicles, stop or other signs nearby, sidewalks in case of collision with pedestrians, and more. 

If you have not conducted your investigation, an attorney can look into many aspects. For example, based on traffic footage, an attorney can investigate the speed of the other vehicle. Furthermore, an attorney can also speak with legal force to back up your claims. In rare incidences, attorneys also investigate manufacturing defects with the car. Such cases can take a while to resolve, but also guarantee compensation, in cases other car driver does not have insurance. 

The main job of the attorney is legal navigation. During accidents, you will have to file a lot of paperwork, speak with third parties like insurance, and more. Having an attorney by your side can take care of many of your worries. 

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