Will I Need Glasses After Lasik?

Have you ever imagined how blind people survive without eyesight? How many challenges do they have to face in their daily life? We should always be thankful to the god that we are blessed to have eyes. We can see and experience everything with our own eyes. We don’t need to put in a lot of effort to complete our daily chores. Now, you can imagine how our life would be without our eyes. The eyes are an essential part of our body. We should take care of them. Lasik is one such surgery for the eyes which corrects some kinds of vision problems.

Lasik is also known as laser refractive surgery. Lasik surgery is done with lasers to give a correct shape to the cornea. The cornea is your eyes’ outer transparent layer, protecting the iris and pupil. Correcting the cornea with lasers will help light hit the retina’s correct place. Before a question strikes your mind, what is a retina? So, the retina is a sensitive nerve tissue at the back of the eye. It receives images and sends them to the brain through the optic nerve. You must be thinking, is it possible to bring the vision to blind people? Or is it possible for blind people to have ideas after this surgery? You will get all your answers to have patience and stay connected with this article.

Lasik treatment can correct some vision problems, but it is not for vision or blind people. Lasik surgery can only correct refractive errors. Any significant vision problem is not curable by Lasik surgery. There are some refractive errors for which Lasik treatment can be done. Take a look at those.

  1. Myopia: It is also called nearsightedness. In this vision loss, a person cannot see far away objects but can see nearby things.
  2. Hyperopia: It is also known as farsightedness. In this vision loss, a person cannot see nearby objects but can see far away things.
  3. Astigmatism: It is a vision problem where a person cannot see clearly. This vision disorder shows blurred vision.

Apart from the above vision disorders, Lasik cannot treat any other vision problems. Above vision disorders can be corrected with glasses and contacts. Those who cannot afford the cost of Lasik treatment in Noida can go for these two options. Lasik treatment is a bit expensive as compared to other options. It costs around 45,000 to 1,25,000 for both eyes. This surgery is not time-consuming; it will take 30 minutes for both eyes to complete the surgery.

During the surgery, you will not be anesthetized, but the doctor will numb the area of your eye so that you will not feel the pain. Though this surgery is not painful, you will feel the pressure on your eyes. You need to be awake at the surgery to easily concentrate on the affected areas. That is also a reason patients are not anesthetized during treatment. Then they will be able to focus during treatment.

Lasik is not the only way to correct your vision. If you want clear vision, you need to follow some precautions before and after the surgery. Drink a lot of water before surgery to hydrate your eyes during surgery. Avoid using screens before surgery. Wear comfortable clothes. These are some precautions before surgery that you should take. Precautions taken after surgery are like: Avoid touching your eyes. Take a sound sleep of four to five hours after surgery to rest your eyes properly. Avoid face wash and washing hair to stay away from chemicals.

Those tired of glasses and contacts should go for the Lasik treatment ( There are few chances for Lasik to fail. Lasik is the most common surgery among other refractive surgeries. Around 40 million people have taken Lasik surgery worldwide. Does one question always arise of whether I need to wear glasses after Lasik? The answer depends on your eye condition, prescription, age, and many more. The vast majority of patients don’t wear glasses after Lasik.

  1. If you are under 40, you will not need glasses for presbyopia, or you don’t need glasses for near vision. Because of your age, you will be able to see nearby objects clearly after Lasik.
  2. If you are above 40, you must need glasses for some activities like reading or tiny objects. Even in this case, you don’t need glasses all the time for some activities you might need.
  3. You will not need glasses for blurry vision. Lasik is a treatment that corrects blurry vision, and there are minimal failures of this surgery so you won’t need it for astigmatism.
  4. Though the eyesight problem is not genetic, if your parents wear glasses, you might also need glasses after some Lasik treatment.
  5. If you have a slight prescription, your eyes are in good condition in those cases. Also, you don’t need glasses after Lasik. If you have a long cure, i.e., if you have high astigmatism and farsightedness, then there is a chance you might need glasses after Lasik.

Majorly people don’t need glasses after Lasik. Suppose they do so for some particular activities, not all the time you need to put on. If you have to wear glasses after Lasik, then there is no use in the treatment. This treatment is done to get rid of glasses and contacts. As you get older then, naturally, your eyes start losing vision. In this situation, you should visit an eye specialist. But need not worry; you can correct it through Lasik surgery. Your eyes play a significant role in your life. You are blessed to experience everything around you with your own eyes. So, don’t take any chances and maintain the blessing till your life.

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