Will Rustic Fireplace Tools Look Good in a Modern Home?

When it comes to interior design, the devil is in the detail, as they say. All the fine furnishings in the world won’t look stylish if you add some tasteless accessories. But how you accessorize will depend on the overall theme of your home. Do you have a modern home or are you drawn to a more traditional decorative theme? Read on to learn how to style a fireplace and whether rustic fireplace tools will look great in a modern home.

Different Types of Fireplace

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes. From modern electric fires mounted on a wall to traditional mantels and inglenook fireplaces, the type you have will largely depend on the age of your property. For example, in a period property, it’s common to have a large open fireplace with a hearth, whereas a modern home might have an electric flame-effect fireplace or a multi-fuel stove.

While a modern fireplace will not necessarily need any fireplace tools unless it features a stove or has a grate and hearth, you can still accessorize a modern fireplace with rustic tools. However, it very much depends on the overall vibe of the room.

Are Fireplace Tools Needed?

If your room is ultra-modern with a minimalist theme, rustic accessories are going to look out of place. After all, there will be no need for rustic fireplace tools when you have a remote control to switch the fire on and off.

For modern homes with a working fireplace or a log burner, rustic fireplace tools do have their place in the overall theme. They will look attractive and serve a practical purpose, the ultimate combination of form over function.

Choose the Right Tools

If you have a working fireplace or a stove, have a look around at fireplace tools and pick a set that matches your décor. Black cast-iron tools are rustic as well as practical and will suit most decors, including modern ones.

Before you make a final decision, have a look on Pinterest for inspiration or use a photo editing tool to try out some interior design ideas. That way you don’t spend money on a set that looks wrong.

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