Writing tips that every writer must know

We are taught grammar and poetic devices at school and college but they don’t actually give us tips about writing. We don’t have institutions to teach us about how to brainstorm topics or work our way through the writer’s block. So here are a few tips to make your writing journey easy.

Fix short term goals

Writing is like a sea, there is always room to learn and grow. So, start fixing short term goals such as writing everyday or exploring a new genre and work on them. When your mind has a fixed goal to work on, the progress and the outcome gets productive.

Try the web tools

Sometimes writing is fun and sometimes it is tedious so turning to the web tools such as  edit PDF online could be a life saver and could relieve some of your stress and give you  room to breathe. Grammarly saves your time by going through your work as you write and fixing the grammatical errors.

Write with intention

You can’t write without a purpose. For your readers to enjoy what they read, you need to write with purpose. When you find that purpose, the words easily spill down and string together beautifully. 

Keep the sentences short and words simple

Shakespeare’s language is poetic and beautiful but not everybody understands what he is trying to convey. So here’s a tip to connect with your readers in a better way, keep the sentences short and the words simple unless and otherwise lengthy sentences and a little different or complicated words are required as a must.

Try using the active voice more

Compared to the passive voice sentences, the active voice sentences give a feeling of being in the text to the writers. The delivery of the message, emotions and the tone of the content is more effective.

Be mindful of context

Your target audience might not always possess the same knowledge and worldview as you. Their thoughts and views could be different so be certain to include proper and clear context. Ensure that your message is understood but don’t try to force it on them. 

Discard distractions

Try to keep all possible distractions as far as possible. Don’t use any social media applications or websites in the device that you use to write. Stick to websites such as convert PDF to Word to edit rather than jumping to any flashy websites that might distract you and concentrate on the words that you write.

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