Writing Tools That Every College Student Needs 

Students are always on the lookout for tools that would help them complete their essays flawlessly, and help them earn better grades. The internet is now filled with several tools, which not just help you complete your essay or writing assignment, but also provide you with ideas that help in making your essay stand out. However, not all tools are top-grade and to save your time and energy, here is a list of all the tools that have gained popularity among students for improving writing skills and saving time.

Google Docs

Google Docs helps you collaborate with your team members when working on group assignments and projects. You can easily make real-time chances, and one could view that without any hassle. The features are almost similar to Microsoft Word, and it is completely free. Even if you are working on your assignment individually, Google Docs saves chances automatically, and you do not have to fear losing your work.


You must know about PDFSimpli too, which helps you convert XLSX to PDF in a jiffy and also provides you with the advantage where you can add your digital signature. With this tool, you can also convert Excel to PDF and manage your tasks in a simplified manner.


You have come up with a brilliant project idea but the real issue is, how to start your essay so that it interests your readers and helps you gain better grades? Once you have started working on your draft, it is essential to choose unique words and structure your paragraphs in a way that looks organized. OneLook helps you with that, it has a dictionary that helps you find accurate words. 

Word Counter

While writing essays, there is always a word count that one needs to adhere to. When ideas start flowing, it gets difficult to keep track of your word limit and this is where Word Counter comes in as your savior. This tool will count words, paragraphs, characters, sentences, and pages for you and also check spelling and grammar. You can directly type or copy, and paste your text and it is completely free.


Grammarly comes in both free and premium options, and this tool markets itself as a proofreading tool that helps you check your grammar, spelling, and also checks for plagiarism. With the paid version, you can check the tone of your essay, check for any buxic derogatory language, and also get a detailed and extensive plagiarism report.


Well, this tool helps you stay focused by blocking all the sites that waste your time. You can set a timer for how much time you spend on each app or site and once it is over, the apps and sites would be blocked so that you can focus on your writing assignment again.

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