Efficient production is all we yearn for in our farms. Hence, the utilization of every resource at hand is never escapable amongst the thriving farmers in Kenya. Here is one of their top-notch secret, the use of diesel chaff cutter contributed by affordable price in Kenya.

How is this even possible? Do not worry, all your queries are best attended to in this write-up, you need to keep reading through.

What is a diesel chaff cutter?

It falls in the class of chaff cutters that runs on diesel fuel. This is one of its distinct design features. However, its application is similar, for chopping straws, maize stems, and fresh hay. All you need is your equipment and enough fuel to get your work started.

Design criteria

Energy resource is ever limited. Therefore, wasting it is awful and no one thinks of going that route. Most farmers have found diesel chaff cutter a promising machine that they ever want to use. The obvious reasons for this rely on its user-driven structure:

1. Compact design – it is simple and light, making it a preference for medium to smallholder farmers in Kenya. Besides, their application favors unskilled labor.
2. Robust blade design – made of hardened material, to serve heavy-duty applications by withstanding high pressures. The blades are also adjustable for chaff size control, from small chaffs to medium-sized.
3. Efficient gearbox – with proper lubricant and sealing. Its adjustable structure holds the positioning for various length cutting.
4. High-performance speed – if you are tired of spending a lot of time on a small piece of animal feed, then a diesel chaff cutter in Kenya should be your next trial. 1440Rpm motor speed signifies a bunch of work within seconds. You will save the rest of the day by digging into your farm.
5. Multipurpose equipment – its wear-resistant blades can cut multiple hay types i.e. straw, fodder, grub amongst many unlisted.

Price in Kenya

This is one amazing piece of equipment that you will never regret bargaining for unless the seller takes advantage of your ignorance. After having all the appealing info on a product, everyone will always find a way to reach it.

The unbeatable efficiency of this machine has driven most diesel chaff cutter dealers into the market, hence offering realistic prices in Kenya. Diesel chaff cutter price in Kenya range from Ksh 45K to over 100K, depending on the size, type, design, power capacity, engine power, and brand. For specific quotations, kindly reach out to your nearest shop dealer.

Maintenance measures

For a longer service life of the machine, you must have a routine inspection and professional handling procedures.

1. Pre-inspection before application. This is to ensure that all the components are in place according to specifications i.e. technical requirements. This will avoid unnecessary mismatched performance. If all is well, you are legible to involve your duty.
2. Always, check the parts for proper fastening. This will save the machine from breakdown.
3. Regular lubrication of moving joints. You can use lithium grease to lubricate the bearings and gearbox. This will eliminate rust and energy loss through friction.
4. Make cleaning a habit, remove the weeds, and dust that clogs the machine after use.
Then always remember to store your diesel chaff cutter in a conducive environment, free from destructive elements.

Bottom line

You can be a frontline in fighting the food shortage in Kenya by optimizing your farm produce. You only need to apply a diesel chaff cutter, which is affordable in Kenya, and get started. For more information, click here.

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