10 Tips to excel in Class 6 Olympiad


The Olympiads are a very different ball game than the regular studies. We are often seeing that students who do good in Olympiads are automatically doing good in their course curriculum. The Olympiads demand sharp thinking and quick reaction on the part of the candidates. It needs determination, consistency, and sincerity from the students. Olympiads are considered difficult not because they have difficult questions or the ones that are out of the syllabus. They are considered as they can only be solved by students who have a good foundation and hold on the subject.

10 Tips to excel in class 6 Olympiads:

There is a need for efficiency from the students instead of sheer hard work. They need to analyse the papers of the previous and understand the types of questions that come in the exam and then prepare according to that. The Olympiads themselves teach and imbibe a lot of characteristics in the student that can prove to be useful in the features. 10 tips to excel in class 6 Olympiads are:

    1. Having a game plan: The way students approach the Olympiads plays a very important role in how they perform in it. They need to approach the Olympiads on a priority basis. Their focus should be solely on their performance in the Olympiads and the entire focus should be on Olympiads. The student that performs well in Olympiads performs well in the curriculum exams automatically. Starting the preparation early and being committed to the preparation throughput is very important for success.
    2. Having enough knowledge about the exam: Relevant knowledge about the exams and the conditions is very important for the students. They need to understand the conditions of the exams the kind of questions that are given in the exams. For that, they should interact with people who have already appeared for the exams the ask them about the conditions in the exam hall. Also, they should solve sample papers like IMO Sample Paper 1 for Class 6 to understand the level and kind of questions that come in the exam.
    3. Devoting a specific amount of time for Olympiads every day: It is important to prepare for the exams daily and that sums should be practised daily to maintain practice and knowledge of the concepts. If the students miss some days of practice, then they might forget about the concepts that are to be applied in the questions.
  • Solving a lot of questions: Solving a lot of questions is necessary for the students as the more questions they solve the more knowledge they will get as to the concepts they need to apply in those questions. During the exams, it is difficult for the students to solve questions that they haven’t solved before. Therefore, the more questions they solve, the greater number of known questions they will get in the exams. 
  1. Don’t take all your eggs from one basket: It is important to take questions from multiple sources so that students can solve more variety of questions. This will make them prepared for any kind of questions in the exams and by practising a variety of questions they will avoid making mistakes while computing answers in the exam. Sample papers available online, Previous year questions, and the books given by the organizers of the Olympiad can be good sources to take questions from.
  2. It is important to be on time: Practice question keeping a time limit is very important in time-bound exams as students need to finish a maximum number of questions in the given time. The practice will help them solve questions faster, but they need to note the time in which they solve questions so that they can improve their time over time. A stopwatch can be used to keep time.
  3. Know what your competition is up to: Give a mock test of any institution to see what’s in your position in it as these institutions have many students who give the test, and they give ranks. The students can know their ranks on the various levels and that can help them understand their position in the crowd. They can even see the scores of the topper to have a target insight that they must achieve. 
  4. Marking papers and analysing weak points: Every paper that a student solves should be marked by themselves and they should pinpoint the topics they are good at and the ones they are bad at. Then they should work on the ones that are causing them problems so that they have all-around knowledge of all the topics in the syllabus.
  5. Being at it consistently: Students should solve problems regularly without fail and should take out time every day for their Olympiad. Starting preparation 2 -3 months before will get more time to prepare for the Olympiads. Even if they take out 2 hours of their time regularly for a period of 2-3 hours then that will significantly increase their chances of getting a merit rank.
  6. Sometimes doing nothing is a good thing: The preparation is stressful, and candidates should have time in their schedule to just relax. It will help them reset their mind and enable them to approach their preparation with a fresh mind. Doing nothing is productive as it gives time for the brain to relax so that it can be at its full capacity. A fatigued and stressed mind will not do anyone any good.

The above-mentioned points are the roadmap to success and if followed rigorously will surely make the lives of the candidates easier and keep them involved in their preparations. It is the story of the rabbit and the turtle. Slow and steady wins the race. Take it easy and be consistent, that is the mantra every student should keep in mind while preparing for the Olympiads. Working hard often leads to student burning out their brains and being under immense pressure in exams. Don’t do that. Be smart as mentioned above and goals will be achieved.

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