4 Easy Ways to Get Contest Votes on Facebook

There are some shady and spammy ways to get contest votes on Facebook. These include creating a multi-day giveaway, adding a referral component, and hiding your IP address and cookies. In addition, if you’re trying to track votes, make sure to read the contest’s terms to determine how many times each person can vote. Listed below are four methods how to get votes on facebook as possible.

Avoid shady or spammy ways to get contest votes on Facebook

To get as many votes as possible in a Facebook contest, you should stay away from spamming or shady methods. While this may seem tempting, these methods go against the principle of fair play and will often get you disqualified. Contest sponsors will analyze the number of votes received and disqualify a contestant if they notice that votes were bought or exchanged. The good news is that it is very easy to avoid such practices and still receive enough votes to win.

Create a multi-day giveaway

How to create a multi-day giveaway for Facebook is a common question. The first step in creating a Facebook giveaway is deciding what kind of content you want to run. Once you have decided what your giveaway will involve and how you plan to run it, you can start creating assets. Ensure that these assets are marked as a giveaway and make clear what the prize will be.

Caption contests are simple to run and are ideal for bringing out the creative side of your followers. You can use RafflePress and the “Answer a Question” action to create a caption contest. For example, you can ask participants to write a caption for a photo and include the question in a separate answer box. A click-to-win contest is the simplest type of Facebook giveaway. To run a caption contest, ask participants to share your Facebook contest form with their friends and family.

Add a referral component

Using the referral component for your contest on Facebook has many benefits. First of all, it makes your content highly targeted because people who share your contest will only send it to their friends and family who are likely to be interested in it. This way of marketing taps into your resources and creates more influence as people are more likely to recommend someone they know. Second of all, the contest is a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. This method also bypasses the “I don’t know you” hesitation.

For example, a contest could involve asking current premium subscribers to invite their friends to sign up for Spotify. You could also give away a prize to the contest winner who refers the most people to Spotify Premium. For the prize, a Spotify-enhanced wireless speaker would be an excellent choice. A similar contest idea is used by Testbook to generate 57k email leads. The result of the campaign? The brand got nearly 60k new email subscribers in just a few weeks.

Hide the cookies and IP address if they are tracking

If your website tracks the cookies and IP addresses of the people who visit your site, you should make sure you hide them. Cookies and IP addresses are necessary for websites to know to who to send marketing emails. If your website uses these cookies to track people, the senators’ staff may be able to identify them. Hide the cookies and IP address if you are tracking to get contest votes on Facebook.

Offer a prize to encourage participation in your voted contest

Using a third-party tool is a great way to automate the process of running a Facebook contest. These tools automate the entire contest administration process, including choosing the winner. While Facebook is the preferred choice for some, third-party services are not without drawbacks. Despite the added cost, these tools are not as easy to implement as a native Facebook feature.


Before launching your voted contest on Facebook, think about its objective. Is it to increase group size, collect leads, or boost engagement? In Tosure that your voted contest will be successful, you should consider the objectives and prize. The prize itself should align with the purpose of the contest, so be sure to consider this. You can also choose the type of contest and the mechanics, such as using a jury or random drawing. If you use a third-party service, however, you should carefully consider the costs and risks that are associated with it.

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