Choosing a perfect office chair is necessary. Those long working hours and never-ending deadlines can be difficult. It not only stresses your mental health, but continuous working hours can affect your body significantly. Many people have faced various issues with their back, neck and shoulder. These aches and pains usually do not affect the body till the age of 40, but due to incorrect posture and neverending uncomfortable sitting, many young adults have started facing it.

The digital world has shrunk down everything into a 2×3 feet table, where you work all day to meet your professional needs. Hence you need to ensure a good environment with a comfortable work environment and therefore you need to choose the office chair wisely. Here are the most basic 5 factors you need to know while choosing the office chair for your office or work from home setup.


Many people often ignore the place where they sit. They think of it as an added expense that can be ignored, but choosing a perfect chair is an investment. A perfect chair can support your lumber making your back stress free during those long sittings. A good chair can also improve your posture. It can make you look taller and smarter. A perfect office chair also gives you pelvic support giving you a stress-free abdomen and lower parts. It will support your long working hours and makes you feel available to those tight deadlines. So, choose a good office chair for yourself and make yourself more efficient. You can also try Posture Brace to improve your posture


Choosing a perfect office chair is not tricky. You just need to know what functions a good office chair must have and which feature differentiates a good office chair from the best one.

Here are the 5 factors you need to consider before choosing your office chair-

  1. Adjustable Seat Height – This is the most important feature of an office chair. The seat height of the office chair should be easily adjustable. The height of the chair should be in accordance with the height of your body and the height of the table you are using. An adjustable seat height of the chair allows you to adjust the height of the chair according to you and your suitability and provides you great comfort. The seat height of the chair that ranges from 16 inches to 21 inches above floor level works for most people.
  2. Seat Width and Depth – A perfect office chair has a width of 17 to 20 inches. Taking note of the width of the chair is very important because it makes the user sit comfortably and provides extra space. The chairs with narrow width can make the person feel congested. The depth of the chair should also be enough to sit comfortably and the back supporter of the chair should be movable and easily adjustable.
  3. Wheels of the Chair – Wheels of the chair provides you with an added advantage to move from one place to another without getting up. If your workspace is larger and you often keep things separated these wheels can be very helpful to you. The wheels of a chair should be smooth and easily rotatable. You also need to take care of the quality of the wheels as some wheels can eventually mark scratches on the floor.
  4. Back Support – The back support of the chair plays a very crucial role in providing comfort. If your work demands continuous long hours of sitting you need to choose the best office chair for back pain because continuous sitting can trigger a major back pain issue. The back support of the chair should be movable. While purchasing the chair sit on it a few times and feel the back of the chair. It should align perfectly with the shape of your own back. Different office chairs have different back shapes that are almost similar but you need to go for the one that aligns to your back the most.

These were the factors you need to consider while purchasing your perfect office chair.  Make sure to choose the chair according to your body needs.


So, now you know the factors you need to consider before buying an office chair. Sitting on the chair a few times in short intervals can give you an idea of how the chair is going to feel. Take your time and decide on a perfect chair for you. Office chairs are not cheap and are a huge investment and hence they need to be perfect for your body. Also, remember not to choose a chair just because someone else has advised it. It might work for them but your chair should only be chosen according to your body and comfort.

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