McDonald’s Happy Meal Costs Outside the US

If you have a kid, one way to make them happy is to just buy them a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. It’s fun enough for kids especially as they get a toy along with their comfort food. And it’s not bad for the parent’s either, since it’s not all that expensive. On average, you can get a Happy Meal for $4.14 here in the US.

Of course, the price can vary a bit as you go all over the country. And you might be surprised at how much the Happy Meal may cost you once you’re able to travel abroad. To make sure you can budget for a Happy Meal as you play tourist with your family, here’s a nice overview of the possible prices in certain countries:


Sure, there’s always some tension between China and the US. But McDonald’s is beyond politics, and that goes the same for tourism as well.

It’s true that a quick glance at the menu of a McDonald’s in China may offer quite a few surprises. Their McFlurry is inspired by their Yuenyeung tea. There’s also sea salt lemon soda along with some lemon-coconut pie. You might even be adventurous enough to try the salty (and hot) spicy chicken on a black bun.

However, kids want something familiar, and that’s what you get with a Happy Meal even in China. They’re very similar to what you’d get in the US. At least it’s more affordable here, as the prices generally range from 20 to 21 yuan. That translates to $3.01 to $3.16.

South Africa

The South African McDonald’s feature the exotic Boerie Burger, which gives you the taste of the staple food boerewors sausage while you’ve got grilled onions on top. The rest of the menu, though, won’t be as surprising with the usual suspects.

You’ll also find the Happy Meal in South Africa quite familiar, although you do have the option to replace the fries with corn. It only costs 31 to 34 South African Rand, which equals $2.08 to $2.28. You may also get an extra toy when you fork over an extra 10 rand. That’s not bad, considering that’s only about 67 US cents.


The Indonesians use the rupiah as their currency, and it doesn’t quite match the US value too closely. In fact, a single US dollar (last time we checked) will get you almost 14,217 Indonesian rupiahs.

So, you’re not exactly paying a fortune when you get a Happy Meal and you’re charged 34,000 rupiah for it. That’s only $2.39, so you’re even getting a discount.

You can also get a leg of fried chicken and a huge cup of rice with the happy Meal Ayam, instead of the standard chicken sandwich, burger, and nuggets.


A Happy Meal here will set you back 9.75 to 10.75 lira. The latest currency exchange rates make that a very good deal for you, as you’re getting a price range of $1.09 to $1.20. So, just enjoy the Happy Meal and get one for yourself as well.

Kids here can also replace their fries with cherry tomatoes. In fact, the McDonald’s restaurants in Turkey allow for lots of different substitutions.

South Korea

Happy Meals in South Korea are the same as in the US. The main difference is that your kids can opt for sides of corn instead of French fries.

The South Koreans also offer a slight discount, with their Happy Meal priced at 4,300 South Korean won. That’s only $3.60.


We’re in the Continental European stage now, and France tends to sell stuff at higher prices. That goes with the Happy Meals too, as the cost is about 4 euros. That’s the same as $4.62.

But at least you’re getting a healthier meal for your kids. The French version offers versions that feature the flatbread McDo Cross sandwich. They can take out the fries (even though it’s “French” fries) and replace it with cherry tomatoes. They even put in fruit for dessert.


You can always go with the regular Happy Meals you’re familiar with, along with drinks like sodas, juice, and milk. Prices range from 460 yen to 500 yen, which for you means $4.11 to $4.47.

But instead of fries, you may wish to go with corn instead. In fact, your kid can even forego the burger altogether, and instead receive mini pancakes with applesauce and sweet cream.

Final Tips

Just bear in mind that currency exchange rates can change from day to day. You will be using local currencies, and you should find a proper currency exchange venue where you can legally get the most for your dollars!

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