Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement For Men: How It Benefits?

Penis size issue may be a serious concern for men, so they feel unconfident and insecure over a smaller than normal penis. This problem does not only affect their dating and sex lives but also men from any walk of life and more generally affect the trust of a man in daily life. So, they always look for a Penis Enhancement treatment.

What is the normal size of the penis?

Men usually don’t know their penises size whether they are smaller or larger than normal size, since the subject is not debated publicly. However, evidence shows that the size of the penis depends on each person’s genetic causes, diet, and habits. The average size of a penis is usually 9.16cm and sometimes it exceeds 13.12cm.

Men who do not like their penis size sometimes want to find ways to get it larger. Penis enlargement procedure was formerly conducted by the cutting of pin suspension ligaments or injecting autotelic fat. Cutting ligaments by surgery can help lengthen the penis by around 4 cm, but the procedure does not guarantee its cosmetic appearance and takes more time to erect while having sex. By visiting the site you can know this about

Safe Penoplasty with Fillers

Doctors will provide consultations about the choice of a type of filler and the injection unit, depending on the skin region and the reachable distance. It would normally have an average of 15 to 20 fillers and 1cc each. The filler is inserted into the top, middle, and base of the penis.

The filler procedure takes usually 60 minutes. It can be a little uncomfortable though the treatment is painless. Patients can urinate naturally after the filler injection and, one day after can clean the penis normally. Patients can use cream and massage under the instructions of physicians after two to three days and patients would usually be able to have sexual activity after seven days of the filler injection. Sexual capacity relies on male hormones so it does not impair this ability. Penis enlargements can however limit premature ejaculation as the nerves are covered with filler. You can also know about the SizeGenetics.

Make sure to get this treatment from a certified doctor as inexperienced hands may cause aches and pains, blood obstructions, and necrosis in your penis.


  • It doesn’t leave any scar
  • It doesn’t the sexual ability and urination ability
  • It is safe and secure
  • Risks and side effects are very low
  • Men over the age of 18 can undergo this treatment
  • It boosts confidence and sex life
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